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VTT's publication series

About one hundred high-quality scientific and professional publications come out each year in VTT's publication series. They are always published in the Internet, and the majority in print as well. More than 7,000 publications have come out in VTT's series since 1943.

Publications in VTT's publications series are readable and printable in PDF format. Printing is disabled in some older publications, and some publications do not have appendices included in the PDF version. Please, use the latest version of Adobe Reader, 7.0 at least. Download the latest version.

VTT's publication series from 2012 are VTT Science, VTT Technology, VTT Visions and VTT Research Highlights.

VTT Visions contains future visions and foresights on significant
technological, societal and business topics for decision makers and experts. 

VTT Science (previously VTT Publications) contains high-quality peer-reviewed research results, mainly doctoral dissertations.

VTT Technology contains research results, manuals, conference papers and summaries for professionals to benefit business and society.

VTT Research Highlights contains current research results summarised by fields of research, for customers and other stakeholders. These are "success stories from VTT".

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